Meet Davi


I love music and have been singing for as long as I can remember. Without any prior singing experience, I started my first band, Davi & The Fuzz, with my guitarist (John Porter) over 3 years ago.  Over time I’ve sat in with various local artists & bands as well as formed a Jazz trio called Davi & The PSA and a soul/funk band called The Sol Syndicate. 


This site is about the music and artists that inspire me: The Blues, Vintage Soul, Funk and Jazz. My tastes are a bit eclectic, but I am passionate about music and am continuously out at music venues, traveling, listening, supporting and sitting in on impromptu sets with a band or fellow vocalist. Also, it’s about the artists, past and present, that inspire me to perform. They are all of a very rare breed. So much so, I have dedicated an entire page on this website to these women, because a quick blurb will simply not do them justice.

 This is also for my fans and friends coming along with me on this musical journey, and following me online, as I continue to sing. Many musical opportunities continue to unfold for me, and whatever is ahead, I am always humbled and excited!

Thanks for listening. Check back periodically for my vlogs and upcoming local events where I’ll be singing LIVE. 


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