Read about how I chose these songs and hear how they were arranged and recorded in my BLOG Post:  “The Philadelphia Recording Sessions” (read on)

Music Credits:



Lead vocals by:
Davi J. Schmidt
for Davi-music




 Jazz & Blues Guitar by:

Gab Guma



Saxophone by:
Jay Davidson 

Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Background
Vocals & Mixed
by:  Bill Jolly



Piano, Horn, String, Guitar Arrangements & Background Vocals by: Michael Rutty
for Jazz-Mic Music

Co-Produced by:
Bill Jolly for Bill Jolly Music




Produced by:
Michael Rutty for Jazz-Mic Music

Sosa Da Prince – Schemin ft. Davi J, Jordan Mahon (Official Video) shot by Creative Mindz

“I didn’t really start singing until I moved to Portland in 2015, so not a lot of people back home knew I could sing. When I started posting online about singing, a really good friend of mine, I grew up within Colusa, reached out to me to do a feature on his song. Sosa sent me what he had, and it was all rap. I switched up the chorus and came up with a little melody. I recorded my parts here in Portland at my guitarist’s studio, and flew home for the weekend to do a quick cameo in his video too! It was so much fun to work with someone I pretty much grew up with.”

Video Credits

Sosa Da Prince – Lead rap

Davi – Vocals

Jordan Mahon – Rap

Official Video Shot by Creative Mindz  

Graffiti art by SANO

Davi & The Mississippi Fuzz

“I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to play Harbor Market on Halloween, because, my family lives in Mississippi.  I attended my cousin’s wedding there 5 years ago and just fell in love with the area and I’ve come back every year since.

When I got the gig (my cousin booked it for me) I immediately had to go out and find local musicians, lighting, sound and video for the venue, etc.  More importantly, I had never sang with any of the musicians I hired before, so this represented a huge challenge for me.  There wasn’t even a window of time for a quick rehearsal. 

Finally, I had to give my new band a name, and it only seemed logical to keep the naming convention I’d used before, so

“Davi & The Mississippi Fuzz was born!”  I was lucky enough to find videographer Take  Action Design and my Producer and I  collaborated to develop a quick storyboard.  In the end, we filmed a mini-documentary of this gig.  What a great learning and musical experience it was for me! 

Video Credits

Executive Producer:
Davi (Davi J. Schmidt) for Davi-music

Storyboard & Pre-Production by:
Michael Rutty for Jazz-Mic Music 

Amy Winehouse Tribute Sizzle Reel

The lyrics in this song, Love Is A Losing Game, are really what get to me. In a live performance, Amy talks about how she wrote this song at a time in her life when the relationships she was in were tumultuous. I think a lot of people get to a point where you question love and wonder if it is worth it (you know?).  I know I’ve been there. When we were recording the video in the studio, Bill asked me to think about someone- like really think about someone when I was singing it. It changed the whole vibe. It took me back to that place where I was questioning everything about what it meant to be in love, and what people have to endure in order to stand up for love. It brought a lot of life and emotion to the song, that I think that you can hear in my voice and shows in the video.

Video Credits

Vocals by Davi

Videography & editing by:
Bill Jolly for
Bill Jolly Music

Produced by:
Michael Rutty for
Jazz-Mic Music

Filmed- December 2018 Philadelphia PA

© Copyright 2019
All Rights Reserved

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Episode 34 | Davi J. Schmidt

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